Red Chili

Dry Red chilli is a well-known spice which add pungency and color to the food. Dry red chiilies comes in different forms and varieties. Whole dried chillies are medium hot which is often used for tempering. India is a largest producer of red chillies. It is really spicy and the intense heat is concentrated. Red chilli’s are usually grounded into a powder & as a spice. Red chillies are pickled or dried for storing for longer period. On the other hand, red chillies serves many nutritional potential and a good natural health healer.

  • Dry red chillies contains capsaicin which improves digestive health & metabolism.
  • Dry red chillies is potential in treating migraines and headaches.
  • Red chillies serves as a natural remedy to fight cancer.
  • Vitamin A in chillies known to fight Fungal Infections, common cold and flu
  • Chemical P in chillies provides relief from joint pain.
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